@climagic Thanks for that. Just facepalmed myself real hard for not thinking of that myself.

shadowrun returns (the computer game) 

The other two parts are even better. I supported all three on Kickstarter and they are by far my favourite games ever.

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what gets me riled up: people who act like the pandemic is over and they can go back to travelling and mass-partying once *they* are vaccinated.

Don't get me wrong: I find masks uncomfortable, I miss going to concerts, and one of the things I enjoy most in life is singing with others. I will be fully vaccinated in about a month.

But I still wear that mask when I'm around people, I meet a very limited number of people, and I hold off on travel as much as I can.

It's not over yet.

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Pandemic isn't over, please don't be reckless! 

The pandemic isn't over! The delta variant is picking up speed, and now the young ones are especially at risk.
Please, don't be reckless! We need more time to vaccinate everyone! People under 12 can't get vaccinated at all at the moment, and autumn will come and school will start again... Please, don't be reckless! I'm so afraid for the kids...

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Wil, discourse 

Here's my take on it: I have seen more bullying language, shit takes and gleeful mob with torches attitude on here in the last 48 hours than since joining.

Wil didn't create that. That was all on you guys.

Whatever he did or didn't I don't care to judge on, that's the beauty of removing yourself from mob mentality, you don't always have to judge, jury and execute based on rumours and bias.

So I genuinely hope you'll all realise this wasn't a victory.

But I know you wont.

Don't want to be the annoying know it all but wasn't the jurassic age named for the area in Switzerland, not the other way around?

parenting children 

In less than an hour from happy giggles to high fever, crying and puking all over me. Kids can really scare the hack out of unsuspecting parents. At least it got me. I'm the one that has lost the ability to be disgusted at the little raccoons birth.

tattoo aftercare advice needed 

Treat it like a sun burn. It is more or less the same. I used a lot of Wund- und Heilsalbe.

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Auf dem Wochenmarkt am Boxi gab's vollreife Aprikosen. Diese bereicherten heute als gebackene, bernsteinfarbene Köstlichkeiten mit einer Sauce aus Honig, Butter & Orangenblütenwasser, gebettet auf griechischem Honig, unseren Grillabend.


body image, weight & bodypositivity 

By the look of it it's all muscle anyway.

This is not my day. Awoke with tooth ache and a swollen face. Had to go to a emergency dentist which is mega scary for me. And now they're done I feel worse than before.

@Ravenagh Probier mal jetzt. Ich hab da noch etwas in der Server-Konfig verbessert.

Ja, die Software ist noch etwas ausbaufähig. Ich habe habe gerade mal Chrome getestet und kann mich auch nicht anmelden.

Danke für die Erinnerung. Ich muss noch ein Backup für meine Mastodon-Instanz einrichten.

I know the feeling. I always try to know at least a few phrases in the local language. I think it shows a bit of respect.

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Dinner today: Pasta, butter, onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, thyme, lemon zest, black pepper. Yummy!

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